Values and laws that make America great
Values and Laws that Make America Great
September 27, 2019
perils of not knowing your history
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October 10, 2019
Values and laws that make America great
Values and Laws that Make America Great
September 27, 2019
perils of not knowing your history
Perils of Not Knowing Your History
October 10, 2019
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Awesome Responsibility of Presidential Leadership

Awesome Responsibility of Presidential Leadership

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There are few roles that match the awesome responsibility of presidential leadership, especially the position of President of United States. An American President not only is leader of this nation, but in many respects, he or she is the leader of the free world.

One of the first responsibilities is to always function and make decisions that are in the best interest of the America, and the welfare of her citizens. The President should never be a divider, but a unifier.

America is not an oligarchy, ruled by a despot or dictator, military junta or regime. It is a democratic republic controlled by the people. The president and every member of Congress are elected to do the will of the people, not to promote their own self-interests.

What we are witnessing today from the highest offices in our land is not just shameful and hurtful, and having a negative impact on our country today, if it is not stopped, it will define our quality of life for years and decades to come.

This dysfunctional and detrimental moment in American history can only lead to further erosion and decent of our honor and dignity. Hopefully, it will be an awakening of the need to reclaim, restore, preserve and promote what has made America great.

awesome responsibility of presidential leadership

Awesome Responsibility of Presidential Leadership.
Photo Credit: Alexander Glass

Today, too many elected officials fail to acknowledge and uphold the awesome responsibility of presidential leadership. It begs the question why did they run so hard and spend so much money to get elected, only to abdicate their responsibilities and not speak out against obvious wrongs.

This is a public service reminder to all elected officials: You were elected because the people who voted for you believed in what you told them and trusted that you would do and work for those things you promised. If everyone kept their oath, a dishonest despot could not survive, let alone thrive.

Our Democratic Republic was set up with checks and balances to ensure that the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches carry out their responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution.

Also, on a basic, decency, humane level: Have you heard of the old sayings, “Your word, certainly your oath, is your bond?” What about the simple recognition that, “Words matter?”

From the President to the Senators and Representatives, we the people voted you in office to do what is in the best interest of America and its citizens.

The awesome responsibility of Presidential leadership should be leading by example.

That being said, America where are we?

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Janice Ellis
Janice Ellis
Janice S. Ellis, PhD, is an award-winning author. Her book, From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major book sellers. She has written a column for newspapers, radio, and now online, where she analyzes educational, political, social and economic issues across race, ethnicity, age and socio-economic status. You can see her writings on this website.


  1. Jeffrey says:

    Yes presidential leadership is an awesome responsibility…which is why I am so confused and angered as to why the U.S. let a clown like Donald T-RUMP head the so-called greatest country in the world. It’s a joke which is why I left!

    • Avatar photo Janice Ellis says:

      Jeffrey, there are many Americans who share your view. At the end of the day, power to make changes rests with the people. That power can be exercised in future elections.

  2. Meldred Judith says:

    It will always be the presidents say. We should all be careful in choosing our president as they will be the future of our nation.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I agree, been the president of a nationa is probably one of the highest responsabilities that a percon could have. Not everybody is mean to have such responsability but the once elected has to show with actions that deserves that position and the trust of their people.

  4. Michael Ower says:

    I hope american leaders read this.. Reason I’m going to share your article on social media.. The leaders tend to forget they are there to serve the people and thereby do things that will benefit the people and the country as a whole..america is a free country and should not be led by dictators who think they own the entire county

  5. Oyeyipo Oladele says:

    This dysfunctional and detrimental moment in power is not only in America but also in my own part of the world. The world would be better if our leaders accepts the fact that one of the first responsibilities is to always function and make decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens.

  6. David Mureithi says:

    It is the duty of every elected leader to represent the say of the people. Apart from that, its going aganist the will of the people.

  7. Prince says:

    I feel your pain dear, its everywhere. How leaders aren’t what they all claim to be and that’s one of the reasons this not unthinkable in happening thos days.

  8. Mark Janeo says:

    I really agree, being a president is an awesome job. But they have big responsibilities to lead and protect the nation.

  9. Glad says:

    I agree with you in respect to the responsibility a president must have. A president must be steadfast in his decision and not be easily swayed by pressure . They owe the people to be honest and transparent on all their affairs.

  10. Yersontiz says:

    We are in a society with little sense of belonging and ethical values, who do not care about democracy or the needs of society, unfortunately the gift of keeping the word is over day after day, because the common interest prevails more, when they are chosen.

  11. Wilson Jake says:

    Most time when I hear the United State president talk, I think you people are in military junta or regime. Seriously alot needed to be done, it’s just like people of like minds are been voted to rule this time. But jokes apart now, atimes I love his bluntness ??

  12. Janine Bocateja says:

    Especially on this difficult time the President should be an effective leader to his people. This will test him how he implies leadership and put his people on safety and provide what we need.

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